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Item #: SCP-1887

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No system of destroying SCP-1887 or SCP-1887-1 has been discovered. Containment is currently focused on the halting of SCP-1887 growth. SCP-1887 is kept at Area-17 in a naturally formed stone bowl within Containment Locker 1887. Containment Locker 1887 has been lined with sod in order to prevent growth should SCP-1887 escape its bowl.

Description: SCP-1887 is a collective of molecular organisms (classified as SCP-1887-1), the properties of which are not fully understood. In spite of their small size, instances of SCP-1887-1 are inferred to be extremely complex due to their behaviour and apparent sentience.

When introduced to an artificial structure, SCP-1887 will proceed to disassemble the construct at a quantum level through an unknown process. The release of energy from the splitting of the nucleus is then absorbed by SCP-1887. Absorption is not perfect, and the release of non-ionizing radiation in the ultra-violet spectrum and lower is typical, giving SCP-1887 its distinctive red hue when it is active. SCP-1887 will use the particles of the disassembled atom to construct new instances of SCP-1887-1. Once the members of SCP-1887 reach approximately 3 billion, the collective will split into approximate halves and both will continue growing. Typically one half will move several meters away from the previous instance before consuming.

When not in contact with an artificial construct, SCP-1887 will remain in what is presumably a state of hibernation.

Addendum 1887-1: SCP-1887 was discovered in [REDACTED] by Foundation agents. In spite of its small size, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 1887-2: SCP-1887 has been recorded to be "singing" while deconstructing. Although the recorded noise reached a maximum volume of 56 decibels, the voices "singing" were of older male humans. Lyrics:

Chip away / Every day,
There's a world to repair,
Inch by inch / It's a cinch,
To bring back this old earth's care

We won't stop / We won't drop,
Until we fix what you stole,
Inch by inch / It's a cinch,
Making this world beautiful

No more towns / Means no more frowns,
We will take down it all,
Inch by inch / It's a cinch,
Making you all animals