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cymru am byth

Le vandalisFHGURFIFNV*$&#&#&me est une chose qu'on trouve souv48584759634597ent sur des wikis malware. Des modifications qui consistent MON CHAT EST PERDU entièrement de vandalisme sont généralement supprimés. Ce page va probablement être supprimée aussi ta gueule.

all your base are belong to us KITTY

la la la mai 9, 2013 à 21:21 (UTC)

'Bold text'Bold textItalic textnvudhguhruhuhb8h8HG(*&YR&GR*YG&*&YDV*DHIVIHD FH*F($&&&#&#&Y&#&&#&&&E&#&&!!!*!!*!!:FLWPLW_A-()I r9 tu0UT*RU*T%&$&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& gj9e-sg9asygu[y5uyhijbfdiobjifd *GH&^F%%%&&&*&*&** kaylee is a fruit

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Pourquoi est-ce que cette article est écrite en anglais ?

je deteste mon ecole je veux qu'elle explose !!!!

i hate french class. French is such a booooring languagee. Why do they make us learn it ?

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Réponse : Beaucoup de vandalisme se fait en anglais. Voilà pourquoi tant d'anglais se trouve dans cette article. Ma mère suce des chiens. Mais la vandalisme existe aussi en divers autres langues, par exemple le français et le gallois. AND YOU SUCK TOO you loser

I dont speak french so can you translate the following for me to english: 1) ma mere suce des chiens 2) my cat is lost

Caption goes here.

strikethrough text

iechyd da a bygl pob saes - twll din pob saes t'es gai

i think that amy is very very unhappy with your work. She found that you wrote that Andrew and Perry were both her father? What does that mean? Does that mean that we can't trust you to give us information that is not correct?! What a horrible thing! Hello!!! Hey Kelsey!:) You are my number one aunty :):):):):):) Shawn is amazingly gay and likes little boys. (: KAYLYN AND STEPH ARE ACTING LIKE FREAKS! i mean shut up already dude!!!! HEY BUM FACE! Heeey Andrea! can you hear me? And they are comming(you know who) I know aliens ahhaa FREAK! whoooooaaaa im hungry . we have like 15 minutes left but thats still a pretty long time . .. . . .. . . .. .. . .. \m/>.<\m/ ROCK ON RAINBOW CLUB!!! First of all its only 10 minutes not15 ahha, and i can't rock on :( but i will soon be able to!!!!:D PEACE OUT! ummm well im bored . hungry . bored . bored . tierd . bored and hungry! SO NOBODY IS ACTUALLY WORKING yeah i know eh, well im going to eat lunch byeeeeeee oh my god! what is all of this?? it has nothing to do with Robert Laird Borden!

it's an alien invasion! the aliens are coming to get us! it's an alien apoccalypse....2012 has come early!

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